Once again you are living up to your name with a 33 Year Old Boomer take optimized to win the approval of pasty gen x center right substack guys who fetishize muh personal responsibility.

Half of these girls don’t even drink, and anyone who actually hangs out with Zoomers knows this. As someone who has dated dozens of Zoomer girls and listened to the real stories of their sexual trauma, it’s generally not about alcohol like it was for geriatric millennial broads. It’s about being unable to say no in the moment with a pushy guy behind closed doors because they have crippling anxiety due to a number of diseases of modernity.

You are projecting your own elite millennial PMC agency onto a bunch of cripplingly unagentic Zoomer girls who can barely order a pizza without taking a xanax first, let alone meaningfully consent to sex with a strange man behind closed doors. I suspect your takes are stale because you don't interact with young people as much as center right Gen X guys.

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I'm gonna fence sit this one. There's a clear cultural element to alcohol consumption (sanctioned escapism/disinhibition, etc.) that's still present in zoomers, but less prominent than in millennials. I've spent a few years working in nightlife, many are still getting problematically drunk. (Ofc, to your point, some of this might be mediated by their anxieties/neuroses/traumas at their core.)

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I think we with through the ethical issues of our own youth in retrospect in order to provide wisdom for our children. I think it's important to teach our teens to drink socially and in moderation. Are there other issues with the current generation? Yes of course. I think we need to let millennials work through there time of life: becoming parents, leaders and elders.

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I totally agree, which is why I've made a major push to help zoomer men with their careers and dating.

But when I do this I look at what is actually causing these guys pain, and binge drinking is simply not a serious problem for zoomers. It is porn addiction and rampant anxiety / low executive functioning.

I am rly bothered by the substack gen x tendency to write off everything as a failure of personal agency when the underlying incentive structure is so toxic. Elites have an obligation to create a more virtuous legal and material incentive structure for the next generation.

These kids are riddled with mental health issues and their parents are just saying "suck it up buttercup."


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Broad porn access and social media access are incredibly addictive-- drug like. Kids going through development are heavily addicted and we wonder why you have anxiety and executive function issue. The article is relevant: if tiktok or pornhub are your drugs of choice, recognize the issue and get help. Your agency is being eroded by your own habit formation.

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Alcohol is dangerous stuff.... beyond college craziness, it's a major factor in most rapes and most crimes of nonsexual violence. I always assumed that a major reason for women getting drunk at college parties was that they wanted to get intimate with a guy but were too shy/inhibited/tense/inexperienced to pull it off without the help of booze, but I'm a non-female; what's the truth?

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